Why Vote Yes

At a time when 50% of children enter the public schools in Kansas City behind both academically and emotionally, high-quality pre-K is a proven way to ensure that students start school ready to learn.

When we invest in pre-K, we all benefit through:

Reduced Juvenile Crime. Studies show that kids with high-quality early learning experience are less likely to be involved in juvenile crime. It’s also cheaper than the millions of dollars taxpayers spend on prisons that are filling up with high school dropouts.

Improved K-12 System. By ensuring children start school ready to learn, high-quality pre-K has the benefit of improving the entire school system with a stronger learning environment, less need for remedial teaching, and lower drop-out rates.

Smarter Workforce. Kansas City needs more students prepared to enter the 21st century workforce. High quality pre-K programs lead to higher graduation rates, more kids going to college, and a better chance at a good-paying job.

Stronger City. By providing Kansas City four and five year-olds with better access to high-quality early learning, we benefit from future cost savings. Studies show that for every dollar invested in early learning, a community saves at least $7 in reduced future education, criminal justice, and welfare costs.