Project List


Street Construction and Reconstruction projects will focus on safety, capacity or reconstruction of existing streets and include bike and pedestrian facilities where appropriate, as referenced in Exhibit A. The projects in Exhibit A may change slightly over time as the City implements an asset management system for its street network.

103rd Street Bridge over Indian Creek (East of State Line Road)
107th Street from Blue Ridge to James A Reed
12th Street Bridge over the Big Blue River (between Crystal and I-435 outer road)
135th Street – Wornall to Hwy 150 20th Street Improvements Admiral Boulevard Improvements
23rd Street Reconstruction from Prospect to Indiana
27th Street Reconstruction from Troost Ave to Prospect Ave.
31st/Linwood/Van Brunt Intersection 39th Street Reconstruction from Elmwood to Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd.
43rd Street and Pittman Road Bridge (and intersection improvements)
63rd Street Reconstruction from Prospect to Troost
75th Street – Swope Industrial District Benton Blvd.
Bridge over Brush Creek
Blue River Rd. Landslide Issues – 87th St. to Red Bridge Rd.
Briarcliff Parkway/NE 42nd Street – N. Oak Trafficway to Davidson
Broadway/West Pennway Bridge over KCTRR
Brookside Plaza Street Improvements
Byrams Ford Bridge over Round Grove Creek (between Raytown Rd. and 47th Terrace)
Cleveland Bridge over Brush Creek
Front Street from I-35 to I-435 (City Obligation)
Frost Road Bridge Gillham Road Corridor Improvements
Grand Blvd. from 14th to 27th Street
Gregory Boulevard – Eastern Avenue to Blue Ridge Blvd.
Hillcrest Road Bridge (200′ south of Oldham)
Holmes Road Bridge over Indian Creek Rehab (north of 100th Terrace)
Holmes Road Improvements – Minor Drive to 137th Street
JC Nichols Parkway Bridge over Brush Creek
Lee’s Summit Road from Anderson Dr. to Lakewood Blvd. (Hardin Curves)
Lee’s Summit Road from Lakewood Blvd. to Gregory
Line Creek Parkway – NW 62nd Street to NW 68th Street
Line Creek Parkway from NW 68th Street to NW 72nd Street
Maplewoods Parkway from M-1 to N. Antioch
Meyer Blvd. from Wornall to Baltimore
N Antioch Road Bridge over small creek
N Brighton – N Pleasant Valley Rd. to NE 72nd Street
N Coventry from NW 68th Street to NW 76th Street
N Green Hills Rd. from NW 78th Street to Barry Road
N Green Hills Rd from NW Old Tiffany Springs Rd to NW 108th Street
N Hampton Rd. Bridge (just south of NW Tiffany Park Rd.)
N Woodland/Maplewoods Parkway from Shoal Creek Parkway to Cookingham
NE 45th Street Bridge
NE 79th Street from N Oak to Oak Park High School/Troost
NE Industrial Trafficway Bridge and Street Improvements Cherry to Nicholson
NE Parvin Rd. Improvements from NE Davidson to N Brighton
NE Pleasant Valley Rd. from N Brighton to N Searcy Creek Pkwy.
North Oak Trafficway Reconstruction
NW 108th Street/Shoal Creek Pkwy. from Cosby to Platte Purchase
NW 108th Street Single Lane Bridge Replacement
NW Tiffany Park Drive Bridge (west of Hampton Road)
Old Bannister Road over Big Blue River and over Blue river Road (2 bridges)
Oldham Road Bridge 500′ south of KCSRR Paseo Gateway (Paseo Blvd. and Independence Ave.)
Prospect MAX Red Bridge Road from Blue River Road to Grandview Road
Red Bridge Road Reconstruction from Holmes Rd. to Wornall Rd.
Roanoke Pkwy. Bridge over Brush Creek Deck Rehab
Rockhill Road Improvements
Searcy Creek Pkwy. from NE 48th Street to Maple Park Middle School
West Pennway Improvements to Summit Street intersection
Westport Triangle Improvements
Wornall Road Reconstruction from 63rd Street to 79th Street
Wornall Road Reconstruction from 85th Street to 89th Street