Kansas City Star: Vote ‘yes’ on bond isssue for a better Kansas City

“Kansas City’s voters have a rare opportunity next month to embrace a future as a first-class community.

With that in mind, we endorse the $800 million bond package that goes before voters April 4.

There is much work to be done when it comes to shoring up our roads, sidewalks, bridges and even our animal shelter. We need to upgrade city buildings and our system of flood control, and it’s time to get to it. Kansas City voters have demanded for years that city leaders keep their eyes trained on the basics, and this package does exactly that.”

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Kansas City Business Journal: Vote ‘yes’ on GO Bonds

“Together, the package called the 123 GO Bonds covers $800 million of infrastructure work. It includes $600 million to repair streets, bridges and sidewalks. There’s $150 million for flood-control projects. Finally, there’s $50 million to make city buildings and facilities compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to help build a new animal shelter.

In each category, the work is extensive and expensive, but it is absolutely necessary.”

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Northeast News: Why the KCMO animal shelter seeks new digs

“On top of a former landfill, within a flood plain, and inside of a converted construction storage building, you’ll find the third-largest open admission, no-kill animal shelter in the country.

Only facilities out of Austin, Texas and Reno, Nevada save more animals annually than the Kansas City, Missouri animal shelter (4400 Raytown Rd.), which accomplishes the feat even as it operates out of an outdated 45-year old, 14,000 sq. ft. facility that lies in the shadow of Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City Mayor Sly James, City Manager Troy Schulte, and City Councilwomen Teresa Loar and Jolie Justus all agree that the facility needs to be replaced, as do most who have seen it in person. The multi-million dollar question, though, is this: do 57.1% of Kansas City, Missouri voters agree?

The $800 million General Obligation bond issue will come before voters over three distinct ballot questions on April 4. 2017. Question 3 of the G.O. Bond issue is of particular import to proponents of a new animal shelter. If it’s approved, $14 million in public funds would be dedicated for a new 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Swope Park. The plan was announced at Starlight Theatre in September 2016 with great fanfare, including an endorsement from Mayor James, who touted the public/private partnership with KC Pet Project.”

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Kansas City Star: Driving nightmares spur Kansas City plea for taxpayers’ help undoing backlog of road repairs

“Any number of roads in Kansas City will drop you into a driving nightmare.

Pavement narrows. Shoulders crumble. Or they take dangerous curves, or fill with overwhelming traffic.

The city wants to fix such roads, and lists dozens of them in a public resolution asking voters on April 4 to approve a series of general obligation bonds.

The road and bridge projects are scattered across all six City Council districts, representing some $450 million worth of work. That’s the majority of the total $800 million in bonds the city is seeking. The rest would address sidewalks, flood control and public buildings.”

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